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Yea, i think you would know too if your name was..uh, BIG DIPPER!

Haha, i forgot to post about my dream man, but reading Sara's journal made me remember!!

Wanted: A sXe vegan boy. Only eats one piece of lettuce a day (and occasionally a carrot), which causes him to be frail and decrepit. Because of lack of calcium, or proper nourishment at all for that matter - will bruise, and possibly break bones if any physical contact occurs. Listens to emo, and cries uncontrollably for hours on end. Attire includes shirts from Goodwill that are too small, pants that you may see on your grandfather, and old school pumas or perhaps chucks.

Have you seen this boy? If so, contact me.

Yesterday was a really good day. Tish and I went up to Rockstation so i could finally pick up the new RCR cd. As i thought, we weren't included in the thanks section so i harassed Brandon. His response? "I swear I thought I put 'thanks to the pennsylvania chicks'." and then promised to next time. Yea, haha. Anyways, the new CD is a lot different from the old. Better quality, and it's not as horn-filled. Oh, that's not a word.

Then we went to Younglife. As soon as we pulled up, Tricia spotted Dave so we walked up to him..he didn't even recognize her. 'Twas most amusing. Ah, i was being a fool with my jumping about and laughing. We sang fun songs, and played fun games. Britta had to bob for Oreo-O's in a tub full of milk..she lost. Then we all went to McDonald's, but the car ride there was most pleasant. 'Twas Dave, Tricia, and I in the backseat. Tricia and I were convulsing about, quoting Joey from Friends and laughing loudly. Nate wonders why we get guys. Sometimes I do too, until i realize that I don't get guys. As Tricia was getting out of the car, Nate shut the door on her head. I think brain damage was caused, however it's hard to tell with that girl..haha, it's a joke so smile! Then McDonald's - i bought a happy meal, got some legos. Good fun was had.

Today was good too. My art project turned out really neat - I FINALLY made a head for my tree nymph fairy object. And hair. Yes. I am most impressed by my ability. We all know I will never be able to do another good thing in that class again as i have the artistic ability of a 5 year old girl..who has down syndrome.

I'm really in the mood to go see MxPx. They should go on tour again rather soon.
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