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It's a beautiful day.

Sometimes, I really love my life. I feel so happy to be me, and nothing can go wrong - even when it all does.

This day started off rather awkwardly. Tish and I were in a fight, but as we all know, that never lasts long. We had Adv.Bio together, and i turned around and we both cracked up. Then we attempted to talk about the problem but kept laughing. Ah well..things never get solved with her, but i guess it matters not. Now that I think about it, it's like a really bad marriage. Ew, marriage..yuck, I don't want to grow up. Marriage scares me b/c what if i never find anyone that i love enough to commit myself to for the rest of myself. Or even worse, what if no one ever loves ME enough? Something to think about..

I'm still very amused over my argument with Danielle (punkbyprofession). Sure, I may be the biggest "poser" in montoursville, but i swear she's number two. It really bugs me how she wears patches of The Exploited and Fear, when she doesn't even listen to them. Frankly, i bet she's never heard one Fear song in her entire existence, and if she has, it was only b/c she was over at Scott's house. I kind of feel bad for her though, she falls in love so easily. She's been engaged to 3 people in the past 3 years. How's that for issues? Yea, i'm a bitch. I just badmouthed someone in my journal, but you know what? Anyone who can forget 5 years of friendship when they get a boyfriend can kiss my posterior region.

DriveThru Records signs some really good bands. Finch rocks my socks.

I went to youth group last night, it was so fun!! We played this game where we tied balloons to our ankles, and tried to step on other people's while not letting ours get popped. Good fun. Then we talked about treasures in heaven, as compared to treasures on earth. Speaking of religion, Jill and I had a really good talk on the way home from school today. I love having intellectual conversations with people, but it's so hard. Either they don't understand me, or they have no thoughts of their own to share..and intellectual conversations are DEFINITELY a mutual thing. Yes. I need a smart sXe boy to have good, clean, sober fun and intellectual conversations with. Funny, i know that boy..too bad it will never work.

Now i just got into a rather emo mood.

Art class is frustrating me. I made this really neat tree fairy (i dont know) out of clay, but i'm having trouble making the face. If i get the face right, i can't do the eyes and it gets all weird. I should ask for help..maybe i'll just ruin it. I do stupid things when i get frustrated.

Younglife is tomorrow! I love younglife so much. It's so fun!! We play fun games, make new friends that are fun, and do fun things, and it's all clean fun!! And it's all county too, so that means a lot of people are going to be there. I get my new RCR cd tomorrow too!! They promised to put "us girls" (memories!) in the thanks..but i doubt they did. Aw..April 7th will live forever.

The new sum*41 video is funny. I really wish they never got on MTV..."Deryck is sooo dreamy!". Ugh. Hey, does anyone remember when you could get their cd at KMart for $5?
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