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Stupid people amuse me to no end.

PUnKbyPRofESsiON: um..jess...just becuz scott and i were broke up and you thought we still were doesn't give you the right to try to talk to him and accuse him of not ever talking to you did you ever think that he doesn't want to talk to you?
PUnKbyPRofESsiON: if not...just letting you know for future reference...he hates you and he hates when you try talking to him
PuNKFaiRy182: i didnt accuse him of not ever talking to me, frankly i dont care. i was harassing him for my own enjoyment, so know what the f*ck you're talking about before you open your mouth.
PuNKFaiRy182: and i know he hates me. If you knew what you were talking about, i said he hated me, and he said no. so yes, shut up.
PUnKbyPRofESsiON: no...don't talk to him cuz he does not want you to he told me to tell you
PUnKbyPRofESsiON: he told me that you asked him why he doesn't talk to you now that him and i are going out
PuNKFaiRy182: i wasn't planning on talking to him, i don't harass the same people more than once, and that is totally not what i said.
PuNKFaiRy182: but believe what you want, i don't care enough to prove it to you.
PUnKbyPRofESsiON: ...well i know i shouldn't bring someone else into this...but libby knows it too so i am not the only that knows what you are doing
PUnKbyPRofESsiON signed off at 4:53:02 PM.

I guess she's too punk rock to be friends with me.
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