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4 March
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I'm a weird little girl. I often walk up to strangers, often old men, and ask them if they want to make out later. Sometimes they just stare at me, as if what i asked was something strange. Other times they just politely shake their head no. What is it about me that old men don't like? I think i'm pretty attractive. Sure, i may not have dentures and white hair, but still...

I like music quite a bit. In fact, my dad thinks that I obsess over music. I enjoy going to the punk rock shows. Fun times. Ska is good too, as well as emo. I don't think Blink 182 sold out. To me, selling out is doing something you don't want to do for money, but they just matured. But see...maturity is bad too. I'm really immature, i laugh at poop and nudity. Hmm..one time, Tricia came over after school and we walked in my room and it smelled like poop. We couldn't find it, so we went out to the living room to escape the stench. When we came back, we saw "it". "It" being the biggest pile of poo i have ever seen in my life. Tricia, being the ever curious one, decided to poke it with a pencil she found on the ground. We repeatedly gagged, laughed, and then I made my father clean it up b/c i am a spoiled little girl.

I am known as the ale wench. What?

Sometimes I dance around my room to No Doubt (Tragic Kingdom rocks my socks!) and pretend I'm Gwen Stefani. Or i just bounce around to some sort of happy ska music. Once I fell off my bed. That brings back a memory of cheerleading camp last summer. Tricia and I would often pretend we were Willie and Damon of Fenix*Tx. She was doing the Willie-evil-grin and then started jumping on the bed in a punk rock fashion. However, these beds are coated with plastic in case of bed wetters. (Darn bed wetters ruin it for everyone!) Tricia slipped, fell, and continued to spasm on the floor in a very punk rock fashion, if i do say so myself. We also found a sign that had once said "Bunk Library" but was then changed to "Junk Library" by a very bored person and some paper and scotch tape. I, being the scandalous one that I am, then changed it to "Punk Library". So, a year later, I come back only to find it is still there. I was very surprised, and I flailed about the room. I believe that I scared the heck out of the JV cheerleading squad.

I miss kisses.

I hope you don't think I'm weird.

Not that I give a damn.

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