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My scanner and photo programs are being mean.
I was going to scan my receipt from yesterday. Tish and I bought 8 toothbrushes and 2 candy bars. The people there must have thought poorly of us. We were running around screaming "I want the pink one! No, BLUE!". Yes, good fun. And yes, this tomfoolery had a purpose. I made a bracelet. *smiles* Now all i need to do is steal a fork from the school cafeteria (They DO have metal ones, i checked today!) b/c i'm too much of a sissy to do it myself.

The rebels are playing here november 17th!! Everyone go, including you jill, or else! GRR!

This morning, Luke pierced Kyle's nipple. Good much odd stuff happens with my friends. I was looking at a picture of Luke today and he's very Saves The Day-ish. At least with longer hair..

That's all, i don't feel like writing.
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