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Political Ideology

# 1 Marxist
# 2 Socialist
# 3 Anarchist
# 4 Progressive
# 5 Leninist
# 6 US Liberal
# 7 US Libertarian
# 8 US Conservative

Why would you take this quiz? Well I did..

Wow! You're finished. So here's how you scored:
Goth 15%
Trendy 30%
Alternative 70%

Conclusion: Quite how you can be both trendy and alternative at the same time it's difficult to see, but, if the test is actually working properly (hah!), then you may be one of those popular kinds of people who pretend to be stupid just so they can cope with the inanity of their peers.

My god.

And another thing to say about today. I really appreciate how the goth girls at my school manage to stay goth in gym class. :)
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