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MxswingsetgrlPx's Journal

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Sunday, September 30th, 2001
10:21 am
I made a new journal..if you want added to my friends list, email me or just add me to yours and i'll get the hint.

My thoughts.

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Saturday, September 29th, 2001
9:07 pm
Matt Clark just called me to get Tricia's number to "ask her a very important question". Figure it out for yourself, the kid's a slut.

But then again, I just bought a shirt today that says "Player" with a picture of a tape player on it...

current mood: frustrated

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8:09 pm

Booby stole my RCR CD!!!!

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7:42 pm
MCFNJ is playing in Wilkes-Barre on October 14th! Someone give me and Jill a ride!!! We must see those Mid Carson boys of July...or something.

I went to Lancaster today to go shopping at the outlet mall. Much fun. My mother made me go into the Gap, and my dad whispered to me: "Quiet..cloning taking place." It was amusing, daddy is so funny.

Friday night i got to see Dave once again..whee! I think i offended him.

Wellp. I don't feel like writing.

A certain friend risks our friendship way too much, and should seriously reconsider how she treats her boyfriend.

current mood: thoughtful

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Thursday, September 27th, 2001
8:46 pm
Daddy just bought me the Let It Happen CD...that's the second CD he's bought me this week. I feel bad. I got teary-eyed b/c i felt horrid, but also b/c it's the BEST MxPx CD ever..I'm pretty sure he bought it so he could listen to it too, but i feel like a spoiled brat. :

current mood: touched

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5:52 pm
1. Nietzsche (100%)
2. Hume (93%)
3. Sartre (83%)
4. Spinoza (81%)
5. Hobbes (71%)
6. Epicureans (70%)
7. Stoics (66%)
8. Aristotle (64%)
9. Rand (58%)
10. Kant (56%)
11. Aquinas (50%)
12. Mill (50%)
13. Augustine (47%)
14. Noddings (46%)
15. Cynics (45%)
16. Ockham (43%)
17. Prescriptivism (35%)
18. Plato (34%)
19. Bentham (26%)

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5:35 pm
My scanner and photo programs are being mean.
I was going to scan my receipt from yesterday. Tish and I bought 8 toothbrushes and 2 candy bars. The people there must have thought poorly of us. We were running around screaming "I want the pink one! No, BLUE!". Yes, good fun. And yes, this tomfoolery had a purpose. I made a bracelet. *smiles* Now all i need to do is steal a fork from the school cafeteria (They DO have metal ones, i checked today!) b/c i'm too much of a sissy to do it myself.

The rebels are playing here november 17th!! Everyone go, including you jill, or else! GRR!

This morning, Luke pierced Kyle's nipple. Good lord..so much odd stuff happens with my friends. I was looking at a picture of Luke today and he's very Saves The Day-ish. At least with longer hair..

That's all, i don't feel like writing.

current mood: pensive

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4:19 pm
Bryan of Saves the Day has left the band.

This is a fiasco!!

I am saddened - update later.

current mood: shocked

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Wednesday, September 26th, 2001
9:26 pm
Political Ideology

# 1 Marxist
# 2 Socialist
# 3 Anarchist
# 4 Progressive
# 5 Leninist
# 6 US Liberal
# 7 US Libertarian
# 8 US Conservative

Why would you take this quiz? Well I did..

Wow! You're finished. So here's how you scored:
Goth 15%
Trendy 30%
Alternative 70%

Conclusion: Quite how you can be both trendy and alternative at the same time it's difficult to see, but, if the test is actually working properly (hah!), then you may be one of those popular kinds of people who pretend to be stupid just so they can cope with the inanity of their peers.

My god.

And another thing to say about today. I really appreciate how the goth girls at my school manage to stay goth in gym class. :)

current mood: happy

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8:53 pm - And i sigh at the release..
..the release of all of these emotions, and i still don't know how to feel.

I'm left feeling awkward, led on, and just a tiny bit hopeful.

But he loves her so much...

..no chance for me.

current mood: morose

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4:16 pm - Yea, i think you would know too if your name was..uh, BIG DIPPER!
Haha, i forgot to post about my dream man, but reading Sara's journal made me remember!!

Wanted: A sXe vegan boy. Only eats one piece of lettuce a day (and occasionally a carrot), which causes him to be frail and decrepit. Because of lack of calcium, or proper nourishment at all for that matter - will bruise, and possibly break bones if any physical contact occurs. Listens to emo, and cries uncontrollably for hours on end. Attire includes shirts from Goodwill that are too small, pants that you may see on your grandfather, and old school pumas or perhaps chucks.

Have you seen this boy? If so, contact me.

Yesterday was a really good day. Tish and I went up to Rockstation so i could finally pick up the new RCR cd. As i thought, we weren't included in the thanks section so i harassed Brandon. His response? "I swear I thought I put 'thanks to the pennsylvania chicks'." and then promised to next time. Yea, haha. Anyways, the new CD is a lot different from the old. Better quality, and it's not as horn-filled. Oh, that's not a word.

Then we went to Younglife. As soon as we pulled up, Tricia spotted Dave so we walked up to him..he didn't even recognize her. 'Twas most amusing. Ah, i was being a fool with my jumping about and laughing. We sang fun songs, and played fun games. Britta had to bob for Oreo-O's in a tub full of milk..she lost. Then we all went to McDonald's, but the car ride there was most pleasant. 'Twas Dave, Tricia, and I in the backseat. Tricia and I were convulsing about, quoting Joey from Friends and laughing loudly. Nate wonders why we get guys. Sometimes I do too, until i realize that I don't get guys. As Tricia was getting out of the car, Nate shut the door on her head. I think brain damage was caused, however it's hard to tell with that girl..haha, it's a joke so smile! Then McDonald's - i bought a happy meal, got some legos. Good fun was had.

Today was good too. My art project turned out really neat - I FINALLY made a head for my tree nymph fairy object. And hair. Yes. I am most impressed by my ability. We all know I will never be able to do another good thing in that class again as i have the artistic ability of a 5 year old girl..who has down syndrome.

I'm really in the mood to go see MxPx. They should go on tour again rather soon.

current mood: clever

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Monday, September 24th, 2001
7:13 pm - Steal this, and i will shoot an arrow through your heart.
strands of golden light
streaming bright
through windows covered in
morning dew

and i wonder, was it you
who i saw last night in my dreams?
or was it just a familiar face
there to please

an eager heart, looking
for a love that can't be found.
but i keep on searching

and it's in all the wrong places
and i just can't understand
why i remember how it felt
to hold your hand

Inspired by e.e. cummings. I'm proud of myself.

current mood: accomplished

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6:47 pm - e.e. cummings is a wonderful man.
may i feel said he
(i'll squeal said she
just once said he)
it's fun said she

(may i touch said he
how much said she
a lot said he)
why not said she

(let's go said he
not too far said she
what's too far said he
where you are said she)

may i stay said he
(which way said she
like this said he
if you kiss said she

may i move said he
is it love said she)
if you're willing said he
(but you're killing said she

but it's life said he
but your wife said she
now said he)
ow said she

(tiptop said he
don't stop said she
oh no said he)
go slow said she

(come? said he
ummm said she)
you're divine! said he
(you are Mine said she)

(*Stare at the Sky*)

5:07 pm - It's a beautiful day.
Sometimes, I really love my life. I feel so happy to be me, and nothing can go wrong - even when it all does.

This day started off rather awkwardly. Tish and I were in a fight, but as we all know, that never lasts long. We had Adv.Bio together, and i turned around and we both cracked up. Then we attempted to talk about the problem but kept laughing. Ah well..things never get solved with her, but i guess it matters not. Now that I think about it, it's like a really bad marriage. Ew, marriage..yuck, I don't want to grow up. Marriage scares me b/c what if i never find anyone that i love enough to commit myself to for the rest of myself. Or even worse, what if no one ever loves ME enough? Something to think about..

I'm still very amused over my argument with Danielle (punkbyprofession). Sure, I may be the biggest "poser" in montoursville, but i swear she's number two. It really bugs me how she wears patches of The Exploited and Fear, when she doesn't even listen to them. Frankly, i bet she's never heard one Fear song in her entire existence, and if she has, it was only b/c she was over at Scott's house. I kind of feel bad for her though, she falls in love so easily. She's been engaged to 3 people in the past 3 years. How's that for issues? Yea, i'm a bitch. I just badmouthed someone in my journal, but you know what? Anyone who can forget 5 years of friendship when they get a boyfriend can kiss my posterior region.

DriveThru Records signs some really good bands. Finch rocks my socks.

I went to youth group last night, it was so fun!! We played this game where we tied balloons to our ankles, and tried to step on other people's while not letting ours get popped. Good fun. Then we talked about treasures in heaven, as compared to treasures on earth. Speaking of religion, Jill and I had a really good talk on the way home from school today. I love having intellectual conversations with people, but it's so hard. Either they don't understand me, or they have no thoughts of their own to share..and intellectual conversations are DEFINITELY a mutual thing. Yes. I need a smart sXe boy to have good, clean, sober fun and intellectual conversations with. Funny, i know that boy..too bad it will never work.

Now i just got into a rather emo mood.

Art class is frustrating me. I made this really neat tree fairy (i dont know) out of clay, but i'm having trouble making the face. If i get the face right, i can't do the eyes and it gets all weird. I should ask for help..maybe i'll just ruin it. I do stupid things when i get frustrated.

Younglife is tomorrow! I love younglife so much. It's so fun!! We play fun games, make new friends that are fun, and do fun things, and it's all clean fun!! And it's all county too, so that means a lot of people are going to be there. I get my new RCR cd tomorrow too!! They promised to put "us girls" (memories!) in the thanks..but i doubt they did. Aw..April 7th will live forever.

The new sum*41 video is funny. I really wish they never got on MTV..."Deryck is sooo dreamy!". Ugh. Hey, does anyone remember when you could get their cd at KMart for $5?

current mood: good

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5:00 pm - Stupid people amuse me to no end.
PUnKbyPRofESsiON: um..jess...just becuz scott and i were broke up and you thought we still were doesn't give you the right to try to talk to him and accuse him of not ever talking to you did you ever think that he doesn't want to talk to you?
PUnKbyPRofESsiON: if not...just letting you know for future reference...he hates you and he hates when you try talking to him
PuNKFaiRy182: i didnt accuse him of not ever talking to me, frankly i dont care. i was harassing him for my own enjoyment, so know what the f*ck you're talking about before you open your mouth.
PuNKFaiRy182: and i know he hates me. If you knew what you were talking about, i said he hated me, and he said no. so yes, shut up.
PUnKbyPRofESsiON: no...don't talk to him cuz he does not want you to he told me to tell you
PUnKbyPRofESsiON: he told me that you asked him why he doesn't talk to you now that him and i are going out
PuNKFaiRy182: i wasn't planning on talking to him, i don't harass the same people more than once, and that is totally not what i said.
PuNKFaiRy182: but believe what you want, i don't care enough to prove it to you.
PUnKbyPRofESsiON: ...well i know i shouldn't bring someone else into this...but libby knows it too so i am not the only that knows what you are doing
PUnKbyPRofESsiON signed off at 4:53:02 PM.

I guess she's too punk rock to be friends with me.

current mood: amused

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Sunday, September 23rd, 2001
8:33 pm - EeP!
Rosanne's dad is now referred to as Scarfy.


current mood: anxious

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Saturday, September 22nd, 2001
10:51 am
I hope this helps to emphasize
I hope this helps to clarify
I hope you die.

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8:29 am
Yea, i've been up since 6:00.

Last night was the football game/dance. I was just watching television, and I was on WNEP's sports thing for like 2 seconds. What silly fun. I guess my friend who will remain unnamed, and Matt Clark are friends now. Then Matt told Cameron that he really wanted to go out with me, and SHE went over to the corner and got all pissy, so Matt would come console her. Then he talked to her the whole way home. She always does that. If a guy likes me, she gets pissed and then flirts with them until they like her more.

I'm sick of this. I quit.

On a lighter note, 3 days until YL!

current mood: groggy

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Wednesday, September 19th, 2001
6:32 pm - According to mr. anonymous...
I should do the world a favor and kill myself.

(*Stare at the Sky*)

5:45 pm
According to my father, i'm a liberal wanker and having expensive bombers and pretty airplanes for our country is more important than the literacy and education of the American people.

current mood: annoyed

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